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Planrite Financial Services Guide

Our Planrite Advice Group Financial Services Guide explains the financial planning services we provide to our clients, as well as giving you important information that will help you decide if you want to use any of these services. It explains who we are and:

The Financial Services Guide explains who Planrite Advice Group is and:

  • Planrite Advice Group, the company that authorises us to provide our services
  • The services we provide
  • How we deal with a complaint if you are unhappy with our services
  • How we and Planrite Advice Group are paid
  • Planrite Advice Group’s relationships with others
  • Relationships that could influence the advice we give you
  • Where to get details on Planrite Advice Group’s privacy policy.

Please download the Planrite Advice Group Financial Services Guide so you have a copy available whenever you require.

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